Window Cleaning Melbourne

2 Apr, 2018

Window Cleaning Melbourne

Our window cleaners will treat your home with care and respect. And we’ll happily clean more than just windows. We’ll clean any surface – indoor or outdoor – carefully, thoroughly and professionally. We provide a number of window cleaning solutions to suit the requirements and frequency of your building and location needs. Our team of window cleaners in Melbourne is fast and efficient, follow all safety precautions and truly offer service with a smile!

Why choose a window cleaner?

Our window cleaning Melbourne are experienced & professional window cleaning, glass restoration and glass protection company based in Melbourne. We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service at every step – from the initial quote to a result you’ll love. It is important that you know how to undertake the task properly and safely. Below is the step by step instruction of how to clean the various types of windows.

Window Cleaning Melbourne

Window Cleaning Melbourne

And with a strong focus on safety, we can service single or multi-level homes, offices and shops. Our qualified, experienced, uniformed window cleaner crew will be there at a time that suits you – on time, every time.

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Window cleaning is an essential part of your house chores. Every household cleans their windows, at different times every day and on alternate days. No matter how often you clean your windows, it is important to realize that the different kinds of windows in your house or your car need a different pattern of cleaning. So, if you are intending to clean glass windows, the solution will be different from that of a vinyl widow or tinted windows.

How to Clean Windows made of Glass

Glass windows are the most common type of windows that are used in both modern and traditional buildings as well as cars. But since they are made of glass, you have to be careful that rough cleaning and handling will give your windows scratches and unwanted marks which should be avoided. Therefore, to clean glass windows you can opt for one of the commercial cleaning agents marketed for this purpose.

You can also choose to make your own window cleaner too. This will save your money spent on expensive materials. You will need vinegar, rubbing alcohol, dish soaps, ammonia and some warm water. You can also make another window cleaning Melbourne solution of corn starch, ammonia, water to clean your window. Choose the solution that is readily available to you and clean your glass windows with a soft sponge or soft cloth to ensure that there are no scratches.

How to Clean Vinyl Windows

If you live in one of those houses which have vinyl glass, you have got to be careful. Vinyl glass is extremely convenient for the modern house because of their replacement quality and their ability to be taken out completely for cleaning purposes. However, the cleaning of vinyl glass is a little more complicated than with glass windows. The reason for this is that these windows are less scratch resistant and therefore, difficult to deal with.

However, you can make specialized window cleaner for vinyl windows as well. Get yourself some Murphy’s oil soap, vinegar, some dish soap or detergent to do the window cleaning. The Murphy’s oil soap is relevant here because it helps in getting rid of those water spots that often form on your windows. So, clean the vinyl windows using these ingredients and always use a soft cloth.

How to Clean Tinted Windows

Tinted windows in your car or office also need special care in their cleaning, especially to retain the tint of the glass. You have to be sure that you do not use ammonia or ammonia included soaps because they are too strong for your tinted windows and can even destroy the tint to a certain extent with prolonged use. So, use a mild soap to clean your tinted windows and get spectacular, clean windows.

Hire a Professional Window Cleaning Service

There is a technique that window washers use that I just can’t master. I have tried Windex with paper towel, Windex with newspaper and a squeegee with soap and water. None of which have produced streak free windows. How is it that professionals are able to get windows so clean and streak free? Speaking with professional window cleaners I have found they follow some specific tips in cleaning windows making their clients windows crystal clear.

Our Window Cleaning Service delivers

• Crystal clear windows, first time, every time or your MONEY BACK!

• ON TIME EVERY TIME – Prompt and reliable service is important to us.

• Fair and competitive pricing with no sneaky added, surprise costs!

• Friendly, fully trained, insured, uniformed, professional window cleaners.

These are the techniques professional window cleansers use and it is to your great advantage to know each of them. You can save up on your budget by doing the window cleaning yourself. Once you get the hang of it, you might even have a new business opportunity. You can start a new business enterprise cleaning commercial and residential windows, who knows?

Qualified Window Cleaners will usually inform you to put aside a complete working day for the cleaning work. It is tough to set an exact time to complete the job as there are many factors that may affect the cleaning process and such factors are difficult to be foreseen at the beginning. We are a family run group of passionate window cleaners! Window cleaning can be quite a technical job and requires skilled professionals. You can trust Metropolitan Window Cleaning to complete every job with attention to detail and maximum care.

Who do we help?

Our core business is helping medium to large commercial facilities such as schools, office complexes and aged care facilities, but that’s not all we do. We also take enormous pride in offering our clean professional window cleaning services for domestic homes across Melbourne. Whether it be a shop front, a school, a multi-storey office building, hospital, family home or any other type of building we’ll have your windows, ledges, frames and flyscreens looking fresh and brand spanking new again! We clean windows inside and out on all kinds of buildings up to 20 metres high, effectively and safely with cleaning services benefits.

When choosing a window cleaning Melbourne company, make sure that you are taking enough time to consider the important factors that will offer you the best results for a reasonable price. There are a number of imitators out there that will make grand promises that they will not deliver on. Hiring a company like this can put you in situation where you will have windows that are not as clean as they should be, and in some cases, are actually worse off than before you began getting your windows cleaned! Having a poor experience with a window cleaner can be as frustrating as well as costly.

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We often see architectural glass being used for decorative or structural purposes in high rise buildings in the posh urban areas nowadays. The use of this glass in these buildings has become ubiquitous in the urban world at present, and hence the concomitant issues emanating from the glass need to be taken care of. An important aspect of the maintenance of this kind of glass is its cleaning. Being mostly used in skyscrapers around the world, the windows made of architectural glass have to be cleaned using special methods and this has given birth to the commercial high window cleaning organisations.

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