Why housekeeping is essential for hospitals in Melbourne?

7 Oct, 2019

Why housekeeping is essential for hospitals in Melbourne?

Housekeeping is one most critical function in hospitals. The primary functions of the housekeeping are the overall cleanliness and ensuring that maintenance of its infrastructure, waste management, linen management, infection control, pest control, safety & security of patients and infrastructure & interior decoration. Everything ensures that ambiance promotes the healing environment. Although outsourcing is the option accessible for housekeeping in case one is determined to have the housekeeping as a department in the hospital it has to be well managed.

Linen Management      

The jobs of Housekeeping Department are the clothes & linen management. It involves different functions from buying of the linen to laundering and condemnation. In the hospital, various kinds of clothes & linen are been used. Theatre gowns that are worn by the doctors & patients, doctors coats, additional sheets, bed sheets, and pillow covers. Besides these, we have got towels, napkins, table covers, hand towels, cushion covers, and curtains. It is the Housekeeping Department job to make sure hygienic and clean washing of these items and distributing them to various areas in the hospital.

Infection Control

To provide safer and better hospital facilities for the patients and personnel, the Health Care Institution needs to adopt the right program of the infection control that involves different sections of the Health Care Centre. Satisfactory infection control needs the co-operation of every person involved with the patients. So, any break in the technique and lapse in the discipline of even one person will render efforts of many conscientious people ineffective. It is just through proper co-operative efforts put in by each member of the staff that the infections are prevented.

Different factors play in the development of hospital infections. Reducing microorganisms or infections, in the hospitals is a multidisciplinary issue. Thus, the Infection Control Committee has to be formed at each hospital. The committee must include the wide representation from the relevant departments: for example Nursing, Management, Microbiology, Physicians, Infection control practitioners, Pharmacy, and Housekeeping and personnel, etc. Housekeeping Department in the hospital’s aids in the prevention & minimizing of an effect of microorganisms just by training their staff on the regular basis, all along with the regular controls of the cleanliness as well as applying programs that are declared by Infection Control Committee.

Patient rooms will be done every single day; window, tables, floors, windowsills, telephone cords, telephones, end tables, restrooms, and bed trays will be sanitized. The staff makes use of disposable wipes for every room so the tools used for wiping up & cleaning up patient room will be used just once. It ensures that every room is getting its cleaning equipment. It is quite costly, but safer for patients in this way.

Water in the staff’s cleaning bucket has to be changed for each room. So, to ensure proper cleanliness & protect from the infection, any bathroom or blood accidents will be handled when the staff is aware of it. Suppose any rooms require any kind of maintenance and work performed, housekeeping staff can contact the maintenance department right away to get this problem fixed.