Tips for Last Minute Cleaning

15 Aug, 2019

Tips for Last Minute Cleaning

Making your house look clean certainly will feel like a full-time job. However, if you are very busy like the rest of us, probably you do not have much time to give your house the complete cleaning from top-to-bottom. No need to worry. We have got some tips and short-cuts that will make your house look & feel sparkling clean – and to your family and friends. You will get all glory while they compliment the handiwork – and they will not know that you took some shortcuts.

  • Carry laundry basket throughout your house and picking up the clutter and stash out of the sight.
  • Sweep front steps & clean the front-door glass.
  • Wipe down dirty areas in your bathrooms by using household cleaner & paper towels.
  • Clean up the trash, throw this out & line trash receptacles.
  • Wipe down the bathroom floors with a damp towel.
  • Apply the toilet-bowl cleaner and give it the quick brushing.
  • Vacuum the high-traffic areas that guests can see.
  • Hang hand towels & put out the fresh hand soap.
  • Wipe down the kitchen counters, appliances and cupboards with the household cleaner.
  • Dust wood floors fast using the dust mop.
  • Straighten the stacks of magazines & books.
  • Straighten the sofa pillows.
  • Make beds.

In a lot of cases when we expect our guests, we’re very busy with our normal daily routine & we don’t have much time to make our home ready for our guests. There’re some simple tips that you may follow and get your home sparkle clean before the guests arrive.

Start from the entry. I will never want my guests to trip over the pair of shoes and walking through the spiderweb for getting indoor. Thus, I check front door & foyer, clean junk, and ensure that the first impression is quite welcoming.

Determine where main visiting areas are & tidy it up first. It is particularly key if you just have some minutes to prepare. You need to clear the clutter out of the areas, fluffy pillows on the couch, as well as neaten up that space. Here is how the sofa looks half time.

Clean the closet: You need to make the guests enough of room to hang the coats just by removing any coats or jackets you aren’t planning to wear when they are in your house. This may remove clutter & make an impression your home is clean and have sufficient space for everything.

Clean leaves of the indoor plants

The houseplants will get dusty although you may often dust your home. Their leaves have to get wiped down every time with the damp cloth, as you do not want the guests to see the dusty plants, will you? It’s a good time that you have this cleaned before the guests come to your home.

Dust over

Has the damp cloth prepared to clean the picture frames, furniture, skirting boards, and electronics? When the surfaces get dusty, dust will be visible and you have to remove this to make your home sparkling.