School cleaning checklist Melbourne

3 Oct, 2019

School cleaning checklist Melbourne

Whereas most of the classrooms have to be cleaned every day, custodians often leave some germiest areas untouched. And this inefficient approach in school cleaning leaves several germs in the classrooms & leaves the possibility of the disease transfer. With a focused classroom cleaning checklist daily, students & teachers are less susceptible to disease or illness. So, here are some areas that your crew may be missing out.

School is the first stepping stone of your child into the real world. The neat and clean is therefore very important to build the child mentally and physically fit and able. This falls on school authorities that the hygiene and cleanliness in your school premises will be given top priority after the educational curriculum. The school cleaning checklist will help to get things done in the most organized way and faster. This ensures that each space is attended to.

Sinks & Faucets

The team might wipe out sinks, however, that is not enough. As per a research published, objects around the sinks, which include towel dispensers and faucets, are some highly contaminated in the school settings. Cleaning such areas for health involves taking out the bacteria from the areas where hands often touch. 


Vacuuming all the rugs to capture any accumulated soil is important in any classroom, however, a technique used to determine how much successful the custodians are in removing dirt & contaminants. And because it is powered by the vacuum airflow & not electricity, it’s effective on the damp entryway mats.


Suppose your classroom is home to the upholstered furnishings and rugs, it is a good idea that you vacuum them often to keep the dust at bay. The rugs & soft furnishings will easily trap the dust & trigger asthma and allergic reactions so the regular hoovering schedule will be important for everybody.

School Hallways 

  • Remove cobwebs from walls and ceiling
  • Wipe & clean walls
  • Wipe the switch plates and light
  • Wipe & clean wall décor and fixtures
  • Clean notice board & display boards
  • Polish & clean the trophies that are on display
  • Vacuum clean the rugs and carpets
  • Mop & clean the wood floor
  • Dust & water the planters

School Classrooms 

  • Wipe & clean the blackboard
  • Dust & clean the chairs, desks, and other visible surfaces
  • Store away strewn books & stationaries
  • Clean teacher’s desk & chair
  • Wipe cabinets
  • Rearrange teacher’s table
  • Wipe & clean doors and windows
  • Dust & clean all the walls
  • Clean light & check out any fused bulbs
  • Clean window tracks & blinds
  • Clean display boards
  • Clean switch plates
  • Mop & clean the floor
  • Empty trash to replace the liner
  • Clean & air doormats

Thus, these are a few important checklists that you need to go through and make sure all the cleaning is done by the professionals. The administration has to look after this time to time and make sure the healthy living of students and teachers.