Professional Area Rug Cleaning

Cleaning rugs at home may prove to be so time-consuming and troublesome that your best bet may lie in hiring a professional area rug cleaning service to do the work for you. This applies to people who are too busy to clean themselves. Given the amount of work needed to get rid of a stain in a rug, or even just to do the regular clean up, people who work may not have the time to go through the entire process.

Homeowners who have used every chemical on the market not only spend money unnecessarily, they are also left with faded out and running colors. Some rugs may also be too valuable to risk. Expensive, hand-made, and family heirlooms should also be treated only professionally, to maintain the overall quality.

Professional Area Rug Cleaning

Professional Area Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaning services near me can also apply the treatments to your rugs

  •  Fabric protection
  •  Anti-Static tratement
  •  Deodorizer
  •  Moth protection

Professional rug cleaners will not only clean a stain, they will also remove them, and not only that, they can also make them look just as good as when you first bought them. This is something that at-home treatments can never achieve. So save yourself the scrubbing and consider outside help. They have seen it all, they have cleaned it all, and have been doing so for years.

One of the main advantages of hiring professional cleaners is in their knowledge of rugs. They know which fibers clean the easiest and they know the best materials to clean them with. The inspection will determine pre-existing conditions as well as the best course of action needed depending on the stain commercial cleaning.

We have three methods:

. Dry cleaned in our commercial machine
. Cleaned by hand using our portable dry cleaning machine
. Laid out and cleaned using a commercial rug cleaner

Each rug is carefully examined by one of our owners, and we determine our best recommendation, and carry on with the job. If we have any concerns with cleaning your area rug, we will certainly call you right away and discuss a proper course of action.

Protect your investment with area rug cleaning. Area rugs complete a room’s look by adding warmth, color and texture to a space. Depending on a room’s layout and furniture placement, your rugs can be exposed to heavy foot traffic. Keep your area rugs looking beautiful by calling professional area rug cleaning cleaner to schedule them for regularly cleaning!

> We are equipped to properly care for all types of area rugs and giving them the specialized care and attention they deserve.

> Our specially trained, certified technicians are experts when it comes to determining the cleaning methods best suited to your rug’s particular weave, fibers and dyes.

> We use the most advanced processes available today to thoroughly clean your rugs and remove any dirt, stains, or odors.

> We also can apply our coit gard stain-resistant coating to ensure your area rugs will stay cleaner longer.

> If your rugs need a little extra care due to long-term wear, we also provide re-fringing and re-padding services.

The process of cleaning rugs by a professional is much like doing it at home, but companies use more heavy-duty equipment. They dust out loose particles in the rug and then wash it out, using gallons of water and specially-designed soap. Much like an at-home treatment, the next step involves rinsing the dirt out completely. Lastly, they are dried using similar equipment or left to air-dry in a special room designed to control heat for faster results. The process is generally the same, but the specifics differ from company to company.

Rugs made from these natural fibers feature an open weave that allows dirt to sift through to the floor beneath. Vacuum frequently, removing the rug occasionally to vacuum the floor, as well. Many of these rugs are reversible; if so, flip every time you vacuum for even wear.

To clean stains or discolorations on a room-size natural-fiber rug, leave it in place. Protect the floor beneath it with a plastic drop cloth and towel. Scrub the stains with a soft brush dipped in soapy water. Rinse with clear water. Place a towel over the wet area. Blot the cleaned spot as dry as possible. Use a portable fan or hair dryer to speed drying. Move small rugs to a protected table or counter to clean. Water weakens the fibers, so work quickly and dry thoroughly to extend the life of these rugs.

Good companies add two special steps before returning the rug back to the owner. They inspect the overall cleanliness a second time, to make sure that no dust remains and the smell is fragrant. Otherwise, the process may be repeated as needed. When the owners are not satisfied with the service, they can send it back for re-cleaning.

No matter how different the services are, the bottom line remains: rug cleaning is essential. Dirt, soil and bacteria may prove to be health hazards to the family in the long run. Airborne allergens may spread and the accumulation of the dust may restrict the breathing of family members.

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Newly-cleaned rugs also add to the aesthetics of the house, making inhabitants feel fresh and rejuvenated. A rug cleaning service goes through the same process as an at-home session, but through the use of heavy-duty machinery. After the treatment, not only does the stain come off, but the entire rug is left better than ever as well.

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