How To Properly Clean A Dishwasher

15 Feb, 2019

How To Properly Clean A Dishwasher

The dishwasher is the time-saving device in our home, however, there are certain things you have to do in order to make it run better. The first step is to ensure that your appliance is always in the tip-top condition by cleaning it regularly. Not just this will leave your dishes very clean but will prevent your appliance to become a cesspool of fungi, bacteria, black yeast and mold.

For Daily Cleaning

Scrape it out. Scraping big particles in your bin and compost means that you will not need to pick this out of a filter later, however, there is not any need to rinse the plates before you rack them (rinsing will fool your dishwasher’s mode in thinking that your crockery’s cleaner, so it will not wash).

Leave its door ajar. It is not practical, but it helps to extend the life of the door seals, and also circulating air helps to keep odours and mould at bay. There are some models that open automatically to help the drying performance.

Use the best quality of dishwasher detergent. Not just will they do a better job, the quality cleaners will not leave any detergent residue behind as well as help to prevent the slimy deposits to build up in the appliance.

Check and clean all the

Peeling rusting and plastic rack tines will leave your dishes scratched and stained. Suppose yours look beat up, then try to use the sealant specifically for the dishwashers.

Make sure you examine the wheels and tracks on the racks, all along with your cutlery holder, for the food buildup and mold. Clean if required and spray with 3% of hydrogen peroxide and kill the mold spores.

Check out spinning arms.

Most of the modern dishwashers today have the spinning arm on its bottom of a top rack, and other in a base of dishwasher itself. You need to look in these holes on spinner arms to ensure that there is not any debris and crusted food there. Suppose you discover any blocked holes, you will have to remove its arm and scrub to dislodge any buildup. In the same way, if spinner arms are not moving freely, then remove and clean it, too.

Clean the air filters.

The dishwasher has got two filters: upper and lower one. Top filter is under its bottom spray arm & is removed by turning this counter-clockwise. Suppose you have never cleaned the filter before, get prepared to get disgusted: it is where the soap scum, mildew and greasy residue love to hide. Clean this by cleaning in hot and soapy water or scrubbing with the soft toothbrush when needed. When cleaning with vinegar it can help to unclog the small openings, the stubborn debris needs an extra push. You can use the sturdy wire, one you use for hanging the picture frames, to clear this out.

Use a toothbrush to reach
the gunk

Do not toss the used toothbrush in the garbage —they are actually your best cleaning tool for the dishwasher. You can use bristly end for scrubbing off the build-up or navigate crevices in the filter.