Fall and Winter – House Cleaning Checklist

2 Feb, 2019

Fall and Winter – House Cleaning Checklist

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. In this season the air is not just crisper, but beautiful, and weather cooler, it is the best time to clean it completely before winter. When winter arrives, we generally tend to hibernate, and it is fun with the clean home! By doing extra deep cleaning, the holiday preparations can be made easier. While it comes about deep cleaning, at times even tackling the single room is overwhelming. Thus, breaking down every room in the checklist of “musts” can make the seasonal cleaning a complete breeze. Integrate deep cleaning in different parts of daily use of your space and make it feel no much a chore.


The kitchen is a center of your home, where everybody gathers when they are at home from the daily activities. The fall weather generally lends itself to the muddy shoe prints, which get tracked in your kitchen. The cooler weather means less of outdoor grilling & more of indoor cooking that will do many kitchen surfaces. As most of the time is spent indoors, it is essential to be on the top of cleaning up, particularly on the surfaces that come in touch with the food.

How to Tackle It!

Take out some minutes after your dinner and make kitchen cleaning simple. You can do these tasks in 10 minutes and less, and work the way in your clean up routine:

  • Clear off & wipe down counters
  • Scrub the sink
  • Sweep floor for any crumbs


The bathroom is one important area to clean, doesn’t matter what the season is? Bath is a space you freshen up, so it must be freshened up often. The cooler weather means a little more time in it; that means more dust. So, keep everything clean and fresh by accomplishing cleaning tasks every day.

How to tackle it?

The bathroom is the space used every day. When you are there, take some time to accomplish these tasks:

  • Wipe down the shower walls when showering
  • Clean off the counters
  • Wipe out the sink

Fix For the Guests

Place a new towel; use the old one for wiping down your sink. Use a bit of soap to brush over your toilet bowl, and wipe down the tank top, and rim with the toilet paper. Finally, flush it and you are done!

Living Room

Fall is a perfect time for your family to relax in your living room across the fireplace. The family room is the space that collects more clutter and looks very messy as the couch pillows are squished & throw blankets are folded up. The family night in the living room will mean snacking on your couch that leads to spills & stains. Stay on the top of the tidy appearances just by doing a fast pick-up.

How to tackle it!

An average ad break time is three minutes. Take this time to do the quick refresh with the three steps:

  • Do quick pickup
  • Spot clean spills
  • Straighten all pillows