Domestic Window Cleaners Melbourne

2 Apr, 2018

Domestic Window Cleaners Melbourne

Our team usually operates in pairs which enables the service to be completed in a short time. For larger-scale jobs, we can provide 10 or more of our team onsite to get a large amount of work done in the fastest time possible. Customers with apartment buildings tend to get their windows cleaned on a bi-annual to quarterly basis. These are very popular options among owners corporations. Annual window cleaning can be done with the help of domestic window cleaners Melbourne, but it does become a more involved clean that requires more dirt to be cleaned.

Enhance The Looks Of Your Home & Office With Window Cleaning

Commercial properties often require a quarterly or bi-annual clean to maintain the appearance of their business. Retail stores and restaurants need regular cleaning schedules when they are located in busy areas prone to dirt and air pollution. We service these properties anywhere from a weekly to monthly basis. The expected duration time is always based on the scope of the job itself. We will advise you on the expected duration of a job after inspecting your property and providing a free quote.

Domestic Window Cleaners Melbourne

Domestic Window Cleaners Melbourne

When it comes to the selection of a suitable commercial window cleaning company one has a number of options within this process, and some of which are in fact personal of nature, regardless of whether or not this type of service provider is for your residential or office premises. Of course the larger commercial types of buildings will undoubtedly require a qualified and capable company to attend to the window cleaning function of the building in question.

How will you clean my windows?

The way we clean your windows can depend on how easy it is to access them. But usually, the process goes something like this:

• Soapy water is applied to the glass with a microfiber applicator sleeve.
• The water and soap are then removed with a squeegee. Window edges and sills are then wiped down with a towel. Any marks are touched up with a microfiber cloth.
• In some cases, our domestic window cleaners Melbourne will use a pole reach and wash system for windows in hard-to-reach places. This system utilises low-pressure water with a brush.
• Windows are then rinsed with pure water to leave a crystal-clear finish.

When there is a lot of dust involved and maybe some cobwebs, then you might consider vacuuming the window first instead of using the sponge straight away. Then use the wet sponge in a circular motion to clean windows. When you’re sure you’ve removed all the stains and smears, use a dry cloth – preferably a lint cloth to wipe the window. Wipe them only in one direction to ensure that there aren’t any streaks left. For very high windows – you will have to use an extension pole with a strip washer.


However, you may find that it is difficult to get very good results with high windows. In this case, i.e. with too many high windows and too many glass panes, window cleaning companies are the best option. Plus they are constantly recommending us to all their friends and family. A very healthy sign we are a long standing reliable business.

Window cleaning also depends a lot on the kind of weather and season you have at any given time. You obviously don’t want to do it during the winter or when it’s raining. It is best to usually do it before the start of spring or maybe before and after autumn. Ideally, cleaning your windows three or four times a year is more than enough. If you live in a city or in a place with a large amount of dust and pollution in the air, you might have to clean your windows more often. Window cleaning, especially of houses in busy streets, is almost a weekly routine for most residents. Of course, you could leave the proper rubbing and scrubbing for fewer occasions.

What do we clean?

We clean glass everywhere and anywhere – fortunately, we’re not scared of heights!

• Office buildings
• High rises
• Hospitals
• Residential property
• Schools and more!

So how do you achieve clean display windows very much the same way professionals do window cleaning? Here are a few tips to help you achieve shiny, crystal clear windows. Our customers have been known to be so happy with us, they get us back time and time again.

How long will it take to clean my windows?

First, you must prepare the arsenal. Buy or get the stuff you need for cleaning the windows. You will need:

1. Squeegee – A squeegee is your window cleaning best friend. It is a smooth and flat rubber blade which is effective in removing or controlling liquid flowing on a level surface. Janitorial and household supply stores sell squeegees of all types and sizes. Choose one which best suits your window cleaning needs.

2. Rags, dish cloths, and chamois – Better choose a lint-free cloth to wipe the entire window edge for that final finishing touch. Rags are also used for removing water from the scrubber.

3. Scrubbers – Looking almost like a squeegee but with a shearing coat. You dip it into the cleaning solution, wring the excess water and use it to scrub the window.

4. Extension poles – These are used to reach high windows for the uniform cleanliness.

Now that you have everything ready you are more than set to begin the serious task of cleaning that deplorable display window.

Window cleaning is not something you want to do alone or on an everyday basis. It can be quite a task. It requires some amount of strength in your arms, and some guts if your house is two stories high. Also, if you’re not the kind who can climb up and down a ladder quite a few times, then you seriously need to reconsider cleaning your windows all by yourself.

To clean windows you will need a good, sturdy ladder and usual cleaning supplies like buckets and sponges. It is best if you use a two holed bucket – one for soapy water and one for clean (although eventually the clean one will get dirty). If you are very particular, change the water for every window or else whenever you see it getting dirty. Most people prefer using cloth instead of sponges – you could try both and see which gives the better results with steam cleaning.

In fact, sometimes they’re so happy, they won’t leave us alone (like, FOREVER!). Which also makes us really happy!

When it comes to selecting the right service provider, in terms of a suitable window cleaning company one may have specific preferences in terms of what the company has to offer, as well as the way in which they operate. Within the perspective of the former, the firm may provide specific special offers for residential or commercial or even both types of cleaning options and within the case of the latter, they way in which they go about the process may well have some benefits of which appeal to your principles.

Although this may seem somewhat odd when considering the personal preferences prior to selecting a window cleaning company, but consider for one minute the impact of commercial domestic window cleaners Melbourne on the very environment within which they operate. Some folks have determined that the day to day choices they make, including their service providers can have a direct or indirect impact upon their environment.

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Professionalism, pricing and customer service are additional aspects that will always come into the process of selecting a suitable window cleaning company. One would want to deal with a company that is professionally represented and places their customers first when it comes to the service and pricing issues of any window cleaning project. The use of chemicals, or lack thereof, within any cleaning or maintenance related job or project can affect the environment in question. To this end service providers that utilise a more eco-friendly approach would therefore appeal to the ‘greener’ living consumer.

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