Commercial Kitchen Canopy Cleaning Melbourne

1 Nov, 2017

Commercial Kitchen Canopy Cleaning Melbourne

During the average working day your commercial kitchen’s canopy may absorb smoke, grease, oils, gases such as carbon monoxide, as well as odours and chemical particles. And, over time, commercial kitchen canopy cleaning Melbourne can leave traces in your canopy, comprising its effectiveness and appearance.

Regular kitchen exhaust system maintenance, carried out by commercial kitchen cleaning professional, is vital for the safe and effective operation of every commercial kitchen. Without regular filter exchange, professional canopy and exhaust cleaning, thick fatty grease builds up, seriously impacting the performance of your kitchen’s exhaust system cleaning mop.

Kitchen Canopy Cleaning Melbourne

Kitchen Canopy Cleaning Melbourne

Choose commercial kitchen cleaning Melbourne for a comprehensive exhaust system cleaning service. We do it all, so you can breath easy, knowing that your kitchen is safe and performing at its best.

Our service includes:

* A complete scrape clean of your system (from top to bottom)
* Cleaning of fans, ducts and other appurtenances
* Filter maintenance and exchange

Commercial kitchen cleaning inclusive of kitchen canopy cleaning and kitchen exhaust cleaning is no easy job. However, kitchen cleaning services can take care of all your commercial kitchen cleaning requirements. A kitchen canopy can develop a layer of grease and dirt on its surface. This results in an increase in bacteria growth and bad odours, causing an environmental health hazard.

Why you should hire kitchen canopy cleaning Melbourne

. Kitchen canopies and kitchen exhaust systems are thoroughly and professionally cleaned by our friendly staff.

. Kitchens are degreased through the use of manual or pressure hot wash systems. This includes the canopy through to the ductwork, fan and outlet.

. To support this cleaning service a comprehensive filter exchange program and an air flow monitoring service is available.

. Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing jobs to be completed with minimum disruption to a client’s business, staff and customers.

Your kitchen canopy plays a very important role in your kitchen – as its job is to filter out grease, fumes, moisture and much more. It protects your employees and customers from carbon monoxide, dangerous fumes, smoke, bad odours and so much more.

However, if your kitchen canopy hasn’t been cleaned in a while – it could be a hazard rather than a help. It doesn’t take long for the average range hood in a commercial kitchen to become coated with grease. When it is left unmaintained for a while, your kitchen canopy can accumulate enough grease to become an extreme fire hazard.

We offer a thorough and comprehensive canopy cleaning service throughout Melbourne, which will ensure that your kitchen canopy is safe, sanitary and does not pose a fire risk. We are fully aware of the health and safety standards and we clean to a high standard – to ensure that your kitchen would pass even the most stringent of inspections.

We always conduct our cleaning service in a very professional manner, entering your premises with a uniform, speaking to the manager in charge and taking photos before and after the clean. You can rely on us to be friendly, efficient and to perform the job to a very high standard.

In commercial cleaning best near me wide, the services are generally offered by maintaining the minimum standards along with the healthy and safe cleaning services for the clients as well as the employees. Commercial cleaning services are a good quality service provider in commercial clean-up of the buildings or the premises.

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The most important part of hiring us is that you do not have to think about anything about the service or the equipments. Our company team will carry all the required equipments with them, which are required for the process. The end results of the service will surely satisfy you. Don’t think more, because it is the time to decide and you will get the guaranteed best service in a reasonable price. Reach us as soon as possible to make your office or business premises to be dazzling and super clean.

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