Commercial Cleaning Rates

24 Apr, 2017

Commercial Cleaning Rates


Charge hourly Commercial cleaning rates

Commercial Cleaning Rates Per Square MeterRunning an office cleaning business can open the door to unlimited income, and if you hire people to clean offices for you, you can enjoy a measure of freedom and earn passive income. While office cleaning can become a lucrative business, properly pricing your cleaning jobs is key to success. You don't want to price cleaning jobs too low, and you don't want to price jobs higher than the competition.

1. Establish a price per square foot. Various techniques can help you adequately price cleaning jobs. For example, you can charge a standard price for per square foot. Ask for information regarding the office square footage, or use your own measuring tape to measure the space.

2. Charge hourly Commercial cleaning rates. Walk through the property and estimate how long it will take to clean the office. Consider the amount of carpet/hard flooring, desks, offices, bathrooms and glass surfaces. It may take two hours to clean the office space, wherein you may charge for your services.

3. Discount cleaning price depending on frequency. Offices cleaned more often will be less dirty and take less time to clean. For example, you may charge for a once-a-week cleaning job, but then discount the per cleaning price for each additional cleaning throughout the week.

4. Include additional services in the cleaning bid. Companies vary, and some may request services outside your basic package. For example, basic packages may include dusting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and trash removal. Include a price sheet for additional services such as cleaning baseboards, dusting mini blinds, sanitizing phones and cleaning the windows

Adjusting How Much to Charge for Office Cleaning

Competing companies will provide you with Commercial cleaning rates if you request them. However, remember as with any cleaning service, office cleaners charge not only by the duty, but also by the square footage that will have to be cleaned. When speaking to a customer service representative at the cleaning company, be sure to give them the specifics on what and how much you need cleaned. Also, ask for an itemized list as well as any specials and deals they are offering.

When negotiating a cleaning contract be sure that it includes:

* Frequency – how often they will clean

* Time frame – when the facility will be cleaned

* Expected duties – i.e. emptying trash as well as vacuuming, etc

* Cleaning products – if you have specific demands on the types of cleaning products

* Supplies – detail who must provide and restock the paper supplies (toilet paper, napkins, etc)

* Standards – expectations for the service, i.e. it is best to be as detailed as possible so there is no room for error

Best Commercial Cleaning Rates* Bonded – Verify that the janitors/maids are bonded to protect you against risk of loss

Commercial cleaning franchises require a very low running cost. Labor is very cheap, and so is the equipment needed for cleaning. You can ask your franchiser if you can run your business from home, which could save you additional costs. However, running your commercial cleaning franchise from a commercial warehouse office is more attractive and gainful.

Commercial cleaning rates for a cleaning business vary by product and services rendered. Once your franchise is up and running, you can include more services, such as carpet cleaning, wooden floor cleaning, drapery cleaning, etc.

Contact office cleaning services in your area to research the average price per square foot or hourly price.

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