Commercial Cleaning Calculator

Commercial Cleaning CalculatorCommercial Cleaning Calculator can be hard to understand and even harder to use. Again, one has to question the real value of 'free' when the user is left feeling the program either doesn't 'work' or, at the very least, they can't figure out how to make it 'work'. Even 'free' cannot rescue something that is, at the very least, not user-friendly or at its worst, not useable at all.

Use Commercial Cleaning Calculator when bidding floor care

What is the value of Commercial Cleaning Calculator that does not adequately help the user to quickly and easily determine prices and generate professional looking proposals? Knowing how much an office cleaning service is going to cost has a lot to do with the amount of work that you are asking to be performed. Time is money, so it is said, and a commercial cleaning service is no different.

This calculator will help you estimate on how long a particular floor care task should take

Many of this Commercial Cleaning Calculator has other weakness as well. They may offer little or no technical or customer support. In addition, they may not be able to help generate a professional-looking proposal or job specifications report – two important ingredients in the contract cleaning sales process.

Therefore, many of this Commercial Cleaning Calculator may simply be free and that's all; worth what was paid for them. If you are pricing by the hour you should never let your customer know this. If you have quoted them for a three-hour job and they catch you leaving after two hours, then they may feel cheated. Quote a price for completing the job rather than an hourly rate if you can get away with it.

To use Commercial Cleaning Calculator start by entering approximate values in the appropriate section

The best way to estimate a price is to firstly come up with an approximation of how long it will take to complete the job. Make a thorough inspection of the building in question, break the job down into the various tasks and then calculate the total time that it will take you or one of your workers to complete. You will then have arrived at a figure that represents your total costs for the job. Finally, you can add on a suitable amount of profit and then you will have the total quote amount that you can put forward to the client.

The entire calculator to come up on your screen

The next step is to take your time estimation and multiply it by a fair hourly rate to calculate the total labor cost for the job. Don't forget to include traveling time. Price estimation in the cleaning business or any service business for that matter takes time and skill to get right. Successful cleaning business operators start off with a good pricing system and then try to constantly perfect this system over time.

Commercial Cleaning Calculator

The Commercial Cleaning Calculator will give you a total time estimate for completing the job

A small allowance can then be added on for job related expenses such as cleaning products, transport costs and equipment expenses. You should then add on another small allowance that can be put towards your monthly fixed costs such as rent, insurance and marketing costs. You can come up with a suitable figure by taking your total monthly overheads and dividing this by the average number of cleaning jobs that you do and month.

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