After Builders Cleaning Melbourne

6 Nov, 2017

After Builders Cleaning Melbourne

All buildings, whether they are new or old, collect dust and dirt, and they cause health issues in the process. Our trained staff has experience with after builders cleaning needs. All of our services require few hours to ensure that the entire area receives the cleaning that it deserves. Unlike other cleaning services in the area, at after builders cleaning Melbourne we specialize in a variety of after builders cleaning needs, such as upholstery, carpet, and window cleaning.

At after builders cleaning Melbourne we complete the following tasks

. Extensive cleaning of doors and door frames
. Exceptional cleaning of skirting boards
. Radiator cleaning
. Window frame and sill cleaning
. Safe light switch and socket cleaning

After Builders Cleaning Melbourne

After Builders Cleaning Melbourne


We provide extensive cleaning for all surface areas, including inside and outside of cupboards where food particles and dust tend to settle. Additionally, we take care of refrigerator and freezer cleaning, both inside and out. Dishwashing and washing machine cleaning is standard fare for our trained cleaners. We remove cobwebs, and we descale sinks as well.

Living Room and Bedrooms:

Our trusted staff takes care to clean wardrobes, all cupboards, tables, including bedroom end-tables, both inside and outside, in addition to the tops. All furniture will be removed with the utmost care and professionalism before we commence the cleaning services.


Bathrooms are tough to clean, but we disinfect all surfaces of the floors and toilet. Careful scrubbing procedures ensure the best cleaning possible. Additionally, we clean and descale showers, shower doors, and baths. All bathroom mirrors, counters, and sinks are treated and cleaned for the best results possible. We take pride in leaving you with a fresh and clean room, regardless of its location within the home.

Any building work must come to an end before your after builders cleaning near takes place. Also, the cleaners will need access to running hot water and electricity. Bear in mind that this is an hourly-based service so depending on the size and condition of your property we can provide an estimation of duration.

Excellent service at a reasonable

* We’ll professionally clean the windows, sills, and ledges
* We’ll carefully clean the walls and ceilings
* We’ll meticulously clean the floors
* We’ll delime and descale the bathroom and kitchen tiles
* We’ll also deep clean toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and showers, floors, and stairs

If the technicians need more time or they finish faster we are happy to amend the price accordingly as long as it covers the minimum call out charge. Detergents and equipment are included in the price. After builders cleaning is not a substitute to end of tenancy cleaning products.

When it comes to finishing a construction or renovation, details matter significantly. Those pesky little things are important when you want to call your endeavour a success. This is where after builders cleaning near me Melbourne enter the scene. Our company is more than capable of handling your dust, rubble, and debris in an efficient and professional manner. We’ve been doing this for over a decade.

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You can be very confident to hand over your property to us for post construction clean as we are an accredited member of the building register. It means that we execute our jobs to the highest industry standards. We are a leading company in the industry as we only achieve excellent results using safe and sound methods and apply eco-friendly chemicals or solutions. This is our commitment to our clients.

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