10 remedies to keep spiders away

30 Jan, 2019

10 remedies to keep spiders away

Spiders are something many people aren’t crazy about, and certainly, they don’t these bugs in their house. It is true if you are living in the area with dangerous spiders, like black brown or spider. Both of the spiders are very common, and their bites will cause uncomfortable and painful symptoms. The critical question you need to consider is how you can keep these spiders away from the home and also keep your family healthy and safe. These spider remedies are easy to use and can combine for the maximum spider-fighting outcomes.

1.     Vinegar

You need to fill the spray bottle with water and white vinegar and spray in the corners, crevices or cracks to get rid of the spiders. You need to be very careful to avoid any varnished surfaces as the vinegar is somewhat harsh on the appearance.

2.    Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is very strong and spiders totally hate it and also other pests in your home. Smell is very extreme to the small insects that make peppermint the best repellent that you may use to keep the creepy crawly insects away from your home. Additionally, this works well to repel wasps & yellow jackets.

3.    Keep Things Clean All Time

Spiders like clutter, and love to set up shop behind the boxes or other things, which are sitting there for long. Keeping your house clean as well as free from clutter is one obvious natural remedy for the spiders. The dust once in a week and ensure to put the boxes or packages away to prevent the spiders from spinning the spider web.

4.    Citrus

Spiders hate all the citrus scents, thus rub the citrus peel on skirting boards, bookshelves and window sills. You can use lemon-flavour cleaners or furniture polish, and also burn citronella candles inside & outside of the house

5.    Use Cedar

Spiders hate the smell of smell of the cedar wood so adding cedar around your home will prevent spiders to come in. Just ensure you use the good quality of cedar oil or wood and you maintain it regularly.

6.    Turn off the lights

While light does not attract spiders, it attracts insects that the spiders feast on thus turn off any outside lights and prevent spiders to come near to your house. Also, stop the indoor lights to shine through the outdoors by using shades and blinds.

7.    Plant eucalyptus tree

Being low maintenance & smelling wonderful, the strong medicinal scent may repel spiders. Suppose you do not have any room for the eucalyptus tree, you can plant mint and lavender underneath or close to windows, as the again strong smell can drive spiders away.

8.    Garlic

Known for the vampire-repelling components, turns out spiders do not like the smell of the pungent bulb either. That depends on how strong the scent you may cope with, put the cloves or crushed the cloves in the spray bottle with water and then use to scent around corners, skirting boards and floors of your room.

9.    Chestnuts

It is surprising to know that the best to eliminate spiders is with the chestnuts. The chestnuts are good in keeping spiders out.

10.    Borax

Borax is commonly used for keeping ants out, however, it also helps to get rid of spiders as well because it will kill them when they get in it.